Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Product Feature:

  • Ultrahigh series: high frequency , able to heat$O.1mm workpiece.
  • Small size, light weight, low failure rate and conservation of energy (which can save the power by 70% as compared with glass—ceramic vacuum tube high frequency heating machines).
  • It can ensure the solid welding point which is pleasing and delicate in appearance, integral geometric configuration, perfect surface grain, complete crystal structure of internal metal part, limited annealing range and elimination of obvious weld knot.
  • About ten types fault protection and display of over—current, over—voltage, water shortage and phase missing can provide
    higher reliability and durability.


Technical Parameters:



– Quenching for gear
– Quenching for powder metallurgy gear
– Quenching for gardening shear
– Welding for fish hook
– Peeling off coat of paint
– Brazing for lead
– Quenching for clamp knife-edge
– Quenching for bore
– woodworking cutter brazing