Super Audio Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Product Feature:​

  • This equipment adopts the IGBT inverter circuit in parallel connection, which has is high load adaptability.
  • The comprehensive full load design is available for 24—hour continuous operation.
  • The digital phase locked realizes following frequency automatically.
  • Design in modules. It is installed facility and use conveniently without debugging.
  • The perfect protection function, insuring the reliability and easily maintaining of the equipments.
  • The technique of converting frequency by resonance promotes efficiency of whole equipment by over 95%.
  • Economy and environment protection, it can replace of then gas/coal/electronic tube induction heating machine.

Technical Parameters:



– Hot forging for standard parts
– Hot forging for copper stick
– Annealing for kitchen tools
– Hot forging for pontil
– Bending
– Annealing for stainless steel pot
– Nut Forging